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Apr 16, 2013 9:30am EDT
an impact, did it not, on quantum physics. >> so they say. and it had an impact on ape lot of technology that's be invented since then. >> and his paper on relativity blew isaac newton out of the water in isaac newton's, what, 200 year acceptance of his formula with regardto weight and space and light, gravi$y? >> that really applies more to general relativity, so i mean blowing newton out of the water as the "new york times" said heaven's all askew. einstein surpasses newton. that really is for the general relativitywhich is papers that he did at the end of 1915, 1916. moving bodies, his specl theory of relativity establishes the equivalence of mass and energy. this is the famous e equals mc squared equati that later is falsely claimed to make him the father of the atomic bomb. >> e stands for energy,@m stands for mass. the small c a. >> speed of light. >> a term of science. the c itself is the speed of light and you square the speed of light and then matter and matter becomes interchangeable with -- >> eney. >> with energy. >> yes. >> and this of course is at a very sic level the sec"
Apr 16, 2013 7:00am EDT
about streaming technology that let's listen to as much music as you want every month for the price of an album. if you are a fan, you should know the swedish firm is expanding globally as others twitter, apple and amazon look to cash in on the booming ution on this market. it is the fastest growing source revenue so the global recorded music industry in 2012 according to the international federation of the phonographic cup in industry. pop divas will be happy. they pay $1.2 billion in royalty and license fees to artists up from $700 million in 2011. only two years ago. of ough it is a small slice the total industry in terms of is rising popularly and takes thousands of hits. some will say it takes thousands of hits for artists to make any money. not xpert told me it is really that different from how radio used to work. >> a song is streamed to one person. so you have to have the millions of streams to make up the equivalent of one play on radio with a very large audience. so it does work out in the end, i can promise you. the main challenge is these services are growing and they a
Apr 16, 2013 7:30am EDT
york times" also won a pulitzer for reporting on the practices of apple and other technology companies. judges praised "the times" for exposing excessive working hours and other harsh conditions at contract manufacturers in china and elsewhere. >>> millions of rural chinese migrate to cities every year in search of work. for many, this means more than simply leaving home. it means leaving their children. more than 60 million children are now being raised by relatives who are not their parents. the problem lies in the country's household registry system. the government runs separate status for rural and urban families. migration is tightly restricted to prevent the population from being concentrated in cities. only people who live in areas in which they're registered receive public services like education. so when rural chinese migrate to cities, it's difficult to take their children with them. some people criticize the system. they say breaking off families isn't good for kids or for the nation. nhk world's reporter reports. >> reporter: in rural province, many workers have moved to ci
Apr 16, 2013 8:30am EDT
of the forms and technology you're talking about. >> and you develop a much more intimate relationship. if you're trying to get to somebody you might cc the flack, the pr person -- >> just to go through the front door. >> but you're really talking to the woman or the man you want to talk to. >> directly. so craft has changed in many of the ways you're talking about. i want to ask you about two other ways that i think our world has changed as it relates to the state of the newspaper. one is that twitter in particular, but social media generally have created an entirely different channel for the conversation about what's going on in the world to take place. part of it is a referral channel, but part of it is a reporting channel really. i know you're a big twitter aficionado. twitter is like the associated press wire of the current generation, the current media consumer generation because we find out so much on social media and it might cause us to go back to news sites like the "new york times" or whatever else, but we learn stuff now through a totally different channel that didn't exist just a
Apr 16, 2013 6:00pm EDT
technology of that particular war to an extent is coming home. >> you are referring to spokane, washington, a white supremacist arrested for a bomb planting. they caught it before it blew up. >> it was found by a couple of park custodians. i think it was a considerably more lethal bomb and these were. kevin harper, the white separatist convicted of placing the bomb, placed it on a metal bench that was tucked into bricktially an l-shaped walls of the focus would have gone out into the street completely. it would have backfired off the wall and sprayed what was fishing weights used for shrapnel. a bait shop near his home thought it was strange this guy was buying all these fishing weights. these bombs apparently were least one was a drop in a trash can and one left on the sidewalk. i don't mean to develop a sliding scale of fatality, but the one in spokane, which really was in ied, was considerably more lethal. >> and finally, there are all sorts of speculation, but the significance of patriots day, of tax day. this is a terrible week in history. you have april 19, april 20. you have waco, o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5